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Celebration of Research 2021: Poster Instructions

A guide to participating in virtual Celebration of Research 2021

Poster Submission

Please follow the guidelines below to create your poster. Email Ragan Snead at for help making your poster presentation more accessible. 

Poster Examples

Academic Library Association of Ohio Virtual Poster Presentations

Please note: Some of the example poster presentations only include music soundtracks. Participants for this event must record their voices explaining each slide. 


More examples coming soon!

Circulation Services Coordinator

Ragan Snead's picture
Ragan Snead
Office: C-3051i
Phone: 440.525.7273

Poster Guidelines

Posters must include the following sections:

  • Title and byline – include the project title, student name, mentor name, and class/organization.
  • Proposal/Abstract – include the proposal previously submitted.
  • Research question – include a section that highlights your research question or thesis statement. 
  • BackgroundExplain the significance of your project. This may include providing a copy of the assignment that inspired your research project, if it was inspired by an assignment. 
  • Methods – list detailed steps used to complete your project.
  • Results – present any results that you have from your project, including tables, graphs, diagrams, pictures, and/or infographics as needed.
  • Implications – discuss the potential future directions of your project.
  • References – list outside references used in your project. There is no required amount of references, and you may select your citation style. Images, particularly those that are copyrighted, should also be cited. 

Poster text and images must meet the following criteria:

Accessibility criteria coming soon!

How to: Create Your Poster

Each poster must be created using the following tools:

  • Create your poster using Microsoft PowerPoint. There should be at least one slide for each of the sections listed above, but you may use as many slides as needed. 
  • Use any of the suggested programs in the "poster building tools" box to add visual aids such as images, charts, maps, graphs, infographics, etc.. 
  • Use the animations and transitions options in PowerPoint to make your presentation dynamic for the recording. 
  • Once your PowerPoint slides are complete, see the presentation instructions tab to record and submit your presentation. 

Poster Building Tools

Charts & Graphs:

Microsoft Office: Excel & Word:

Available in myLakeland through Office 365.

Adobe Spark:

Create unique charts and graphs for free.

Images (select images labeled for re-use):

Creative Commons -- CC Search:  

CC Search is a tool that allows openly licensed and public domain works to be discovered and used by everyone.

Google Images

After you perform a search go to Tools, click on Usage Rights, and select Labeled for Re-use.

Other useful image search platforms include Bing ImageFlickr, and Yahoo Images.



Free online infographic maker. Create infographics from scratch or using templates.


Create infographics using free online templates.

Word Clouds:


Wordle generates “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. 


Create your own word cloud for free from any text to visualize word frequency.

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