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A media technologist is a communications professional responsible for the assistance and delivery of information to the public through broadcast tools. Individuals with skills in this industry are most often required to understand and operate equipment that electronically conveys a message authored by another person or group. Media professionals are invisible to the outside world; their effective message is the only thing that should be visible of their craft. Designing effective presentations and making them easy for the public to understand is key to success. These messages can arrive to the public through such broadcast vehicles as radio, television, theatrical productions, and the Internet.

Graduates of this degree will have the necessary skills to enter the media industry or to continue their education toward a baccalaureate degree in communications technology. All students will study core skills in areas of broadcast technologies, such as audio, video (film), radio, animation, and interactive design and further in a specialty field in one of the following majors:

  • Radio Production and Broadcast
  • Audio Recording and Production
  • Video Production and Broadcast
  • Interactive Design and Delivery

These areas of study create a media professional with specific skills, but the core education in the adjacent areas allow for diversification, so the potential for career opportunities greatly increases. Employment in this field can range from corporate communications and in-house media specialists to freelance production specialists whose entrepreneurial aptitude leads to much success, especially in the film and music production industries. Many people have messages, music, pictures, and opinions that they wish conveyed to others. It is a media technologist that makes this happen in a way that delivers maximum impact. 

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