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American Cinema (ENGL 2263): Search Tips & Video Tutorials

This guide is designed to support students completing research projects in the American Cinema class (ENGL 2263).

Search Tips

Make your searching easier and more effective by using these tips!

Keywords—Keywords are one way to create search strategies to locate relevant information on your topic. Keywords are the most significant words and phrases associated with your topic.

Quotation Marks/Phrase Searching—Use quotation marks to search for a specific phrase.

            Example: “night of the living dead”    

Boolean Operators: AND, OR, NOT

And—narrows a search by inclusion.

Example: "horror movies" AND analysis retrieves only sources that include both search terms, which limits the number of results.  

Or—expands a search.

Example: cinema OR films will retrieve sources containing either term, expanding your pool of resources.    

Not—narrows a search by exclusion.

Example: zombies NOT "walking dead" retrieves only sources that contain the first keyword, eliminating sources for keywords that follow not.

Truncation—Usually using an asterisk*, increases the number of results you’ll retrieve by searching for variant endings of a word root.

            Example: critic* retrieves critic, critics, critical, critically, criticism, etc.

Video Tutorial -- How to Search FiSH


Use the icon in the top right corner of the video to view the full playlist of videos.

Video Tutorial 4 -- Searching Google Scholar

This video demonstrates how to effectively search the deep web for scholarly articles using Google Scholar.

Video Tutorial 1-- Pre-Research: Working with a Topic

This video demonstrates working with a topic. It explains the value in taking a broad topic and focusing it using a research question or thesis statement. It explores how to identify, brainstorm, and combine keywords to build effective searches. 

Video Tutorial 2 -- Searching the OhioLINK Books Catalog

This video demonstrates how to search the OhioLINK Catalog for books and e-books on your topic.

Video Tutorial 3 -- Searching the Film & Television Literature Index Database

This video demonstrates how to search the Film & Television Literature Index with Full Text database. It also demonstrates how to perform a federated search from the Film & Television Literature Index interface.

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