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ENGL 2296 -- Fantasy Literature: Finding Articles

Search Tips

Keyword Search Tips:

  1. Always use quotations marks around your keyword phrases. For example: “heroic fantasy”
  2. Create complex, highly specific searches with the Boolean Operator AND.  For example: “fairy tale*” and critic*
  3. The asterisk * allows you to find various endings for your search term.  For example, critic* finds critic, critics, critical, critically, criticism, etc.

You can also do a Keyword Search using the name of an author (first name then last name: “C.S. Lewis”) or the title of a work (“The Golden Bough”).

Using the Subject Headings in Databases:

When you retrieve a database record for an article that appears relevant, look at the Subjects provided in the record. The subjects can help you quickly find additional relevant information on your topic.  Add the subject to your search terms or do a Subject Search on that topic to find more information. 

To find information about an author, do a Subject Search by typing in the last name first. For example: pratchett, terry


Databases for Literary Research

In addition to general databases such as FiSH or Academic Search Complete (which cover all subject areas), there are some very useful literary databases for specialized, targeted subject searching.

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