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Lakeland Library Newsletter: Midterm Stress Relief Fall 2020

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Welcome to the Lakeland Library Newsletter!  Each month, we will showcase classes, events, and other fun and interesting facts about the Library and our staff. We will also keep you informed of new resources and services that are designed to assist you in your course work, and personal and professional lives. 


Learn mindfulness skills with guided meditation

Zen rocks and flowers

Relax with Librarian Megan Mamolen during midterm stress relief meditation from October 12th - 15th. Twenty minute guided meditation sessions will be provided every day at 12:00PM online. No previous experience is required. Click to join the meditation session

Can't make it to a live session? Check out free meditation resources on our meditation guide

Relaxation videos

Help yourself through midterms with these simple breathing exercises

Breathe in and out with the animations:


Easy Listening

Listen to relaxing music or podcasts for free with iHeartRadio  



Check out some of these podcast suggestions:

Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris - This podcast focuses on the benefits of meditation but also includes discussion of mental health, creativity, and relationships.

Happiness Project - Weekly discussions of happiness and how to achieve it in everyday life.

Radio Headspace - Take some time each morning for reflection. A great way to calm the mind before a busy day. 

Sleep With Me - A collection of bedtime stories that gradually become more boring so that you can drift off to sleep. 

Take a break during midterms!


Midterms week can be a stressful time, and we are all dealing with many more challenges this year. We hope our virtual midterm stress relief newsletter brings you some of the snacks, games, and needed distractions you have come to expect from us each semester. Lakeland Library staff is here to support you!

Meet the library pets

No dogs in person? No problem! Meet library staff pets!

Millie the Bassett Hound

Millie, the Bassett Hound (Linda Glasser), Nine years old: 

Never sleeps on the floor when she can sleep on the couch and never sleeps on the couch when she can sleep on the bed!


Kodiak & Appa (Ragan Snead)

Hello, my name is Kodiak. I am 10 years old and my favorite things to do are nap and lay in the sun (also napping). I still play on occasion… if I feel like it.

Hi! My name is Appa and I am Kodiak’s new little brother! I love to run, jump, and play all day! I am growing really fast and will be just as big as Kodiak soon! Yay!


Watson       Lizzy

Watson the Black Cat & Lizzy the Golden Retriever (Megan Mamolen), Nine and five years old:

Watson, a good boy always in the middle of things, and Lizzy, the sweetest most gentle soul around!

Princess Jasmine (Cori Tatulinski):

This is a short video of Princess Jasmine aka Jazzy doing "shake paw."

She hates it but loves cat treats more.

Relax and Read

Relax, read an interesting book, and join the Online Book Discussion Group  

Join the group Tuesday, October 20 at 12:00PM

Read"Homegoing" by Yaa Gyasi

Contact: for additional information.

Preview: Watch the video for a discussion of the book by the author!

Relieving Stress in your Kitchen

Library Contact Information

General Information                                           Fall 2020 Semester Hours                                            Web 

Location: Third Floor of C-Building                             M-Th: 8AM-10PM                                               Homepage
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Email:                      Sun: Closed                                                 

Contributors to the Midterm Stress Relief Fall 2020 newsletter include: Linda Glasser, Holly Rosby, Ragan Snead, Cori Tatulinski. 

Editor: Megan Mamolen

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