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Celebration of Research: Honors Student Mentoring Project: Home

Research project for Lakeland students to complete with Librarians for Honors designation.

What is the Celebration of Research?

Lakeland Library, in partnership with the Honors Program, is proud to present the Celebration of Research, a project created for qualifying students to earn Honors designation. 

How do I participate?

To enter, students are asked to meet the following criteria:

  • Students must be enrolled in classes at Lakeland at the time of proposal submission.
  • Students must receive permission from Dr. Jennifer Collis, Associate Provost for Strategic Educational Programs and Retention Initiatives.
  • Students must meet with a Lakeland Librarian to initiate the project. 
  • Students may use an existing research assignment or service activity as inspiration for their project. Projects may come from any class or organization on campus. Additional research is at the discretion of the student and library mentor. Students may also design their own projects. 
  • Students must submit a proposal of their work. Please see the proposal tab for guidelines.
  • Students must create a video presentationwhich librarians will view. Please see the presentation tabs for guidelines.
  • Students must respond to questions from librarians in a final project meeting.

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Celebration of Research Project Overview

Required Items:

  • Proposal (200-250 words)
  • Research outline/notes (optional)
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Video presentation
  • Responses to three discussion questions from librarians


  • Time commitment for project is 1-2 hours per week for one semester
  • Deadlines for proposal, slides, and video submission will be discussed with librarian in first meeting


  • Initial meeting to establish project
  • Proposal review, following proposal submission
  • Periodic meetings to review progress, if needed
  • Final meeting to discuss project completion and answer discussion questions
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