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Information Literacy Assignment Templates

Lakeland Student Learning Outcome #4

In an effort to assist faculty in meeting "Lakeland Student Learning Outcome #4: Uses Information Effectively," Lakeland librarians have created assignment templates and exercises for each of the outcome's indicators. These resources are grouped by the Learning Indicator (LI) they address. Some may address more than one. The assignments are adaptable to any subject area or discipline. The librarians are happy to assist faculty in this process.

Uses Information Effectively Outcome

Uses Information Effectively

The 21st century learner accesses and manages reliable information effectively and responsibly. The learner:

  • Develops an effective search strategy.
  • Uses technology to access and manage information.
  • Uses selection criteria to choose appropriate information.
  • Uses information responsibly.

To see all 5 of Lakeland's Student Learning Outcomes and the associated rubrics, click the link here to access Lakeland's Institutional Learning Outcomes webpage.

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