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PSYC 2700 Abnormal Psychology: Welcome

“To study the abnormal is the best way of understanding the normal.”

-William James


Welcome to the research guide for PSYC 2700 Abnormal Psychology. Click on the tabs above to find information on:

  • Choosing a Topic will help you explore topics in abnormal psychology and find out where you can begin with your preliminary research.
  • Finding Books, in print and digital formats, that will help you build a broad understanding of abnormal psychology topics.
  • Finding Articles, that will allow you to locate and access psychology-related research articles.
  • Reading Scholarly Literature, that will provide information about what makes a scholarly article different from popular materials, and how to read and understand a scholarly article.
  • Citing Sources will provide information on APA format.

Be sure to hover over the titles of listed resources to find summaries of their contents, and contact a librarian for additional assistance.

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