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Biology 2700 - Microbiology: Assignment Information

This guide is designed for Dr. Khoretenenko's Microbiology Class



Welcome to the research guide for BIOL 2700! On this page you will find instructions for Dr. Khoretonenko's research assignment. Check the other tabs for suggested resources and research assistance.


Assignment requirements:

Classification and description of a pathogen
Symptoms of the disease caused by the pathogen
Epidemiology of the pathogen
Prevention and treatment options
Each team member writes one chapter and provides proper bibliography for it (2-3 references). These chapters should be submitted separately.
On the report day, each team member does a short (2-3 minutes) oral presentation about their chapter. You can use visual aids.
I will evaluate the written portion for being 1) coherent; 2) correct; 3) substantiated by references; 4) original.
I will evaluate the oral presentation for 1) being coherent; 2) being correct; 3) your ability to answer my and your peers’ questions.

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