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HIST 2600 Ohio History: Multimedia

Kent State May 4, 1970

Kent State May 4, 1970 Videos

The Kent State shootings and the lesser known Jackson State shootings were representative of the turbulence of the 1970s era where college students expressed their dissatisfaction with the political environment of the time. These YouTube videos explore the historic incident from various perspectives.

Cincinnati Museum of Art and Robert Mapplethorpe

Cincinnati Museum of Art and Robert Mapplethope

The videos collected on YouTube capture the controversial exhibit that divide the Queen city at the height of the AIDS epidemic.

Burning River

Cuyahoga River on Fire

The burning river was just one of the incidents that led to Cleveland's decline from national prominence to laughing stock. The link above lead to videos that explore the fiery incident.

Ralph Perk, Mayor of Cleveland

Ralph Perk and the hair fire

Shortly after the "burning river" incident, the mayor's hair fire contributed to further erode Cleveland's ranking as a city. The videos in this collection explore Ralph Perk's legacy.

The Browns Leave Cleveland

Modell leaves town.

In 1995, Art Modell abandons the dawg pound to relocate the Browns to Baltimore.

OSU in the 60's

Ohio State in the 60s

"Learn how unrest in the 1960s about many issues — from race to women’s rights to the Vietnam War — led to one of the most disruptive and transformative decades in Ohio State’s history."


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