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Anthropology: Anthroplogy Reference

Research Guide for Anthropology

Searching the Lakeland Catalog

The Lakeland Catalog lists books held in the Library's collection.

Some tips for searching the Library catalog:

  • Use a Keyword search to find books about a certain topic.
  • Use a Title search to find a specific book when you have the title.
  • Use the Author search to find books written by a certain author.
  • Click the Subjects of useful titles to find books on related subjects.
  • Some relevant accounting searches include:
  • Browse the library shelves around the call numbers that relate to your topic to find additional materials.


Lakeland Community College is part of a larger library consortium called OhioLink.  If the Lakeland Library doesn't have the book that you want, you can request it for free through OhioLink.  It takes a bit longer to get the book this way, so make sure you have a few days head start.

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