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Information Literacy Instruction Program: Scaffolded Instruction Program

This guide provides an overview of Lakeland Community College Library's scaffolded information literacy instruction program.

The Information Literacy Instruction Scaffold

Scaffolded Instruction in Lakeland's Information Literacy Program

FYEX 1000

  • Public relations
    • Friendly, accessible librarians available to help
    • Student awareness of library resources and services
  • Search Tools
    • Compare and contrast Google and FiSH
    • FiSH basic search features
  • Search Strategies
    • Basic keyword/phrase
  • Source Types
    • Articles: newspaper, magazine, trade publications, academic
  • Evaluation Criteria: Relevance to topic

ENGL 1110/1111

  • Detailed search building
    • Generating keywords/synonyms/related concepts/subject headings
    • Scoping a topic
    • Boolean Operators
    • Truncation
    • Phrase searching
  • FiSH
    • Databases Searched
    • Scholarly vs. Popular Sources
    • Reading database/bibliographic records
  • Lakeland/OhioLINK Catalogs
  • Evaluation Criteria: Relevance, Authority

ENGL 1120

  • Subject and Specialized Databases
  • Anatomy of a scholarly article
  • E-book formats
  • Reading Critically
    • Detecting bias
    • Using one source to find additional sources
      • References
      • Interviewees and their affiliations
  • Free Web Searches
    • Search Tools: Deep web, Academic Gateways
    • Website Evaluation: Accuracy, Authority, Objectivity, Currency, Coverage
    • Curated Content

2000 Level Classes

  • Research Questions
  • Evaluation Criteria: Currency, Relevance, Authority
  • Subject Reference
  • Subject Databases
    • Use Subject Headings for preferred search terms or additional search terms and related concepts
  • Primary vs. Secondary Sources
  • Types of scholarly articles
    • Qualitative/Quantitative, etc.

IL Assignment Template

IL Classes-Assignments Template Page

Lakeland Information Literacy Outcome



IL Class Session & In-Class Exercise

Supporting Materials
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