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Lakeland Services and Support: College Info and Policies

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College Policies

Lakeland Community College

See the resources below for college policies commonly found in your course syllabi. Student policies can also be found in the student handbook

Student Conduct Code: See Lakeland's complete student conduct code online.

Academic Integrity Policy: Lakeland Community College highly values academic integrity, and so do I. Accessing unauthorized information during academic assignments and exams, plagiarism, fabrication of material included in academic work, denying others access to information or material, enabling academic misconduct, and deception in order to gain academic advantage are all violations of academic misconduct at Lakeland and will not be tolerated. To avoid academic misconduct, do your own work, follow the directions/rules on assignments, and cite your sources. Learn more about academic integrity

Students with Documented Disabilities: Lakeland Community College is committed to providing all students equal access to learning opportunities. The Student Accommodation Center works with students with documented disabilities to provide and/or arrange reasonable accommodations. If you have a disability (e.g. learning, attention, psychiatric, vision, hearing, physical, or systemic) and feel it may create a barrier to your education, contact the Student Accommodation Center at 440-525-7020 or stop by the office in room A-1042, near the exit to E and T buildings.

Title IX Anti-discrimination Policy: See Lakeland's complete anti-discrimination policy online

Copyright Notice: The content of this course, including content written by faculty and students, publisher-provided material, and content linked from external websites, is protected by U.S. Copyright law. Lakeland students, faculty, and staff are expected to comply with copyright law, including appropriately quoting and citing copyrighted work used for academic purposes.  The Student Conduct Code explicitly prohibits "Using copyrighted material in violation of U.S. Copyright Law." (Section (D)(2)(b)(iii)). Do not assume that just because "it's not for profit," or "it's for education," or "it's online" that it's ok to use someone else's work without permission. Lakeland provides resources to students and faculty to help them comply with the law. See the Library Research Help link, the Student FAQ, the Faculty FAQ, or contact the Research Librarians for more information. Note that faculty may have individual policies regarding recordings of classes, lectures, study sessions, etc.  If permitted, such recordings should be used only for individual study and review.  Sharing and/or distribution of such recordings could violate the privacy of other students, and/or violate Lakeland's Student Conduct Code.

Federal Higher Education Act Compliance Statement: "It is expected that students will spend 2 to 3 hours outside of the classroom/laboratory performing course related work such as readings, research, homework assignments, practicals, studio work, and or other academic work for every hour spent in the classroom/laboratory. "


Run-Hide-Fight: Surviving an Active Shooter (5:55 mins)

Video provided by Department of Homeland Security.  Copyright © 2012 City of Houston. Used by permission.

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