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Reference & Instruction Onboarding, Evaluation, and Professional Development: Onboarding

Welcome to Lakeland Library's Reference Staff!

Lakeland Community College

Welcome to Lakeland Library's Reference staff. We are excited that you are part of the team! Please use the information in this guide to assist you throughout your time at Lakeland, including during training, periods of evaluation, and when seeking out professional development opportunities. We also encourage you to provide feedback and suggestions for additional resources on the "help" tab of this guide. 

General Onboarding Information

Contact information

About the library

Safety and parking

Part-time faculty resources

  • See the part-time faculty tab in myLakeland for information about part-time faculty resources, benefits, and committees. Access will require you to login with your myLakeland credentials.  

IT/Help Desk

More Help

Tips and FAQs

  • Where can I find passwords to refchat, the reference voicemail, reflibrarian email account, and the locked doors? A: Refchat, Teams, LibGuides, and your personal email all require personal logins. For general accounts and the locked doors, ask a Team Leader for more information.
  • I'm not sure how to make a LibGuide, where do I find that information? A: For additional help navigating new technology, schedule an appointment with a Team Leader, ask colleagues in the Library, and/or check out the professional development tab on this guide for tutorials. 
  • What hours will I be expected to work each semester? A: New reference librarians are hired to work specific hours during the first semester of employment, determined by the Library Program Chair. During subsequent semesters, the Library Program Chair will provide all reference librarians with a schedule several weeks prior to the start of the next semester. Schedules are subject to change from semester to semester, but generally remain static within a single semester. Break weeks (between fall and spring semester, and summer) are typically staffed by full-time reference librarians only. 

Reference Guidelines and Procedures

Training Resources Available in Print!

Please note: Training resources on this guide are also available in print in a binder at the reference desk. Need additional formats? Please ask a Reference Team Leader.

Information Literacy Instruction Guidelines & Procedures

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