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SURG 1100 - Preclinical Perioperative Case Project Guide: Assignment Information

SURG 1100 students can use this guide to complete the preclinical perioperative case project assignment.


Surgical technology program

Welcome to the research assignment guide for SURG 1100! On this page you will find instructions for your preclinical perioperative case project. Check the other tabs for suggested resources and research assistance. Please contact Janice Lawrenz, your instructor, or Megan Mamolen, Librarian with any questions.



  1. This is an exercise in following instructions worth 60 points. Sample rubric attached.
  2. Select a random procedure card in class. Write down the procedure in your notes, sign the card and return it to the instructor.
  3. You are to research only open surgery cases. Do not use or describe any type of endoscopy in your report.
  4. This should be written using APA7 formatting, keeping the instructed named sections below.
  5. During your library assignment day, you are to copy the articles to a flash or cloud drive.
  6. You will submit your report through Blackboard, as well as 3 reference articles sourced from a peer-reviewed journal, but all reference materials  must be listed on  your reference page. Blackboard submission will be ONE TIME – your Report, 3 articles and all other attachments (case cart, tray sheet, preference card) will be done at the same time.  You will submit multiple files during your Blackboard submission!
  7. Keep in mind that this is a total perioperative report that includes patient care. You will be presenting this case to the class in SURG1300 as part of the preclinical preparations.

Need help or more information?

Megan Mamolen        Contact:

        Megan Mamolen, PhD, MLIS

          Librarian, Associate Professor

          Phone: 440-525-7310


          Office: LibraryC-3051c

Lakeland Community College Library
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