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GEOG 2750 - Spatial Analysis Final Project

Use the tabs at the top of this page to locate resources and information about refugees and migrants. The How to Search tab will provide tips, tricks, and video tutorials to help you find information. Need help? Use the information to the right to contact the subject librarian.

**This is only a summary of the RESEARCH portion of the assignment, for complete instructions, refer to your syllabus/assignment**

One of the criteria for your final project is to research and include historical information on refugee origin countries. This includes: conflict(s) during the assigned time period, regional impacts, and all influences for the refugee crisis (political, environmental, natural, resources, religions, etc.) All sources must be credible. You must use a minimum of five sources and cite them in APA style.

Research Outline
Complete an outline of the project's research topics; including the history of the area, what lead to the conflict, what is causing the fleeing, what are some external contributing factors, why are the refugees' destinations chosen and how are they getting there. This should be 2-3 pages using the information from the research done on the assigned topic area.

Final Map Portion must include text related to history, conflict information, and where and why of destination. Final Project Report must include background on the geography and surrounding areas, background on the conflict, triggers of the migration, outcome of the conflict, current status of the situation, and references.

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