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Occupational Therapy: Finding Articles

Resources for occupational therapy students.

Searching for Articles

Enter keywords related to your occupational therapy topics into the databases below to find specific, peer-reviewed and evidence-based articles.

Search Tips

When using one of the library databases, make your searching easier by using these tips!

Keywords—Keywords are one way to create search strategies to locate relevant information on your topic. Keywords are the most significant words and phrases associated with your topic.

Quotation Marks/Phrase Searching—Use quotation marks to search for a specific phrase.

            Example: “occupational therapy”    

Boolean Operators: AND, OR, NOT

And—narrows a search by inclusion.

Example: "occupational therapy" AND "mental health" retrieves only sources that include both search terms, which limits the number of results. 

Or—expands a search.

Example: "occupational therapy" OR OT will retrieve sources containing either term, expanding your pool of resources.    

Not—narrows a search by exclusion.

Example: "occupational therapy" NOT pediatric retrieves only sources that contain the first keyword, eliminating sources for keywords that follow not.

Truncation—Usually using an asterisk*, increases the number of results you’ll retrieve by searching for variant endings of a word root.

            Example: therap* retrieves therapy, therapies, therapeutic, etc..

Databases for Peer-Reviewed Articles

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