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GEOG 1400 - Mapping Technologies: Additional Lab Resources

This guide is intended for use by Ms. Oliver's Mapping Technologies students to find resources throughout the semester.

Additional Lab Resources

Please view the websites below to help you complete your Labs. Links are arranged by Unit Topic.

What geospatial tech is

Notes Link
Carbon Footprint Map Carbon footprint map
World Population Density with Stats World population density
Equal Population Mapper Equal population mapper

Spatial Data

Notes Link
A fun way to show map distortion Map distortion 1
Another fun way to show map distortion Map distortion 2
Geocoding addresses Geocoding


Title Link
Interactive 3D map 3D map
Interesting cascade map called 'A Brief History of Fantastic Maps' Cascade map
Cambridge, Massachusetts citywide buildings, 3D shapefile 3D shapefile


Notes Link
Shows which satellites are in the sky above at any given moment Satellites
CarryMap by Data East LLC

Available in both iTunes and Google Play Store

Can collect points, lines, and polygons

Export as KMZ on Android, Apple can do SHP as well as KMZ

Remote Sensing

Notes Link
This is Mapswipe MapSwipe
Explore Landsat Band Combination  Landsat Band

Mobile/Web Mapping Arc Online

Notes Link
Web and mobile mapping ArcGIS


Notes Link
Measure Measure
DJI flight planner DJI flight planner
DroneDeploy Drone deploy


Notes Link
Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Clinic and Microsoft Transform learning video Learning video
Microsoft HoloLens lets Case Western Reserve, Cleveland Clinic reimagine health education Health education
Lakeland Community College Library
7700 Clocktower Drive | Kirtland, Ohio 44094-5198 | 440.525.7425 |